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JB International was founded in 1984 in Paris, France and moved to Tampa, Florida in the United States in 1994. For over 25 years we have been in the business of finding solutions to our customers' needs. At its inception, JB International focused primarily on providing computer technology products, services and solutions to international aid organizations: the United Nations and the U.S.A.I.D. (United States Agency for International Development).

Since then, using our experience, we have expanded our activity in the area of consulting and management representation in North America.

International Operation
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With your future US branch, you will be able to benefit from JB International network of professionals, including lawyers and accountants firms as well as financial institutions.


JB International Inc.: American Market

JB International genuine experience in USA has been a fantastic learning curve to understand the market globalization. While addressing the needs and grabbing opportunities for small & medium business organization are not in comparable in size with international manufacturers implementing large factories, the process are very similar and even more difficult as you need to fill of multiple tasks with a limited number of people. JB International has rendered service to multiple companies from small & medium IT’s companies willing to test the water in USA to companies listed on the French stock market and even innovative gift card company since bought by Sodexho, world # 1 catering company.

JB International’s project offers innovative solutions on “niche” markets with little competition.

Touch less technology for vending machine – Intui-Sense – www.intui-sense.com

Cloud Security Detector Services – Seclud IT – www.secludit.com

3 D Body Measurement Scanner – Telmat/Symcad – www.symcad.com

Ultra Thin Client Terminal – Axel – www.axel.com/usa2

Consulting and Representation for International Development


Renown International Consulting companies such as Accenture, KPMG and others bring their expertise to large organizations while lacking specific offer for Small Business. Nowadays, the most innovative IT companies are small & medium businesses, usually dedicated 100% of their resources in the development of their products and services. These entities are well aware of the necessity to compete on a global scale and need assistance to do so. JBIG will become a source for solutions to these entities, bringing its experience as a small business, multi-cultural knowledge, immediate international presence, advanced technological expertise, proven sales record and an existing clients list. JBIG is the Small & Medium Business International Partner.


Nowadays, major IT projects call for more technical tools, knowledge and experience which cannot be delivered by a single manufacturer or developer while, in the mean time, insisting of the necessity to deal with a single vendor. While major players such as IBM services, Cap Gemini and others, often lead a project, they need to contract small & medium business such as Axel, Inc. and Seclud IT to complete the needs of these complex projects. JBIG will address this problem, having identified a logical collection of various services and products that represent the type of global offers favored by our customers. JBIG positions itself as a dynamic alternative and a strong competitor.


JBIG is a team of skilled individuals eager to promote a dynamic International business approach based on their long management experience. To generate steady revenue and high profit JBIG will hire a small but highly committed and knowledgeable staff. JBIG will contract external consultants as needed to control budget per project and payroll expenses. Regardless of the market type, quality of customer service and technical support are a key element to succeed. To serve this purpose JBIG will take advantage of the most efficient technology to operate, communicate and deliver on a permanent basis. All key managers are connected on a 24/7 basis, making sure all customers’ request will be addressed on a timely manner. JBIG organization is defined by commitment, flexibility, availability and reliability.


Our presence outside of USA and Europe is already active via a network of partners. We intend to increase our business presence in these regions, and to provide the necessary training and marketing tools. Developing countries offer opportunities as they elect to buy the best and the latest technology available rather than enhancing existing and (at times) obsolete infrastructure. Our partners are leaders in their respective market and are the perfect relay to deliver JBIG products and services. JBIG, a real International presence blended with local experience.


JB International can handle all shipment matters from its logistics facilities located in Paris/CDG, New-York/JFK and Miami.

While not a large company, we are extremely responsive as well as efficient. You can contact us either in English, French, German or Spanish.

JB International, Inc.
20 Towne Dr, Bluffton SC 29910 USA
Tel: 813 307 0111 Fax: 813 262 0458
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